We are a fully integrated firm positioned to survey, map, model, and designate utilities for governments, businesses and organizations in the state of Florida.  We provide surveying and mapping, construction surveying, LiDAR and sub-surface utility engineering to the transportation, private development, environmental, energy and government markets

We were founded in 2010 as L & S Diversified, a Florida limited liability company.  Since inception, we have expanded our services from traditional surveying & mapping to LiDAR and sub-surface utility engineering.  We have grown by a combination of aggressive strategic marketing, integrating and providing a broad range of services, and delivering maximum value to our clients.  In addition, by coordinating and consolidating our knowledge base, we believe we have the ability to export our leading edge technical skills to any market, or region in the state of Florida in which our clients may need them.

As mentioned above, we have grown in part by aggressive strategic marketing.  Our strategy is to leverage our competitive strengths in our core markets and build strong client relationships across all major geographies.

Our operations are organized in five segments:  Design Surveying and Mapping (DSM), Construction Surveying (CS), Transportation Surveying & Mapping (TSM), Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and Document Control (DC). These segments are organized by the types of services provided, the differing specialized needs of the respective clients, and how the Company manages its businesses.

Design Surveying and Mapping

Our DSM segment comprises of a broad array of services for the purpose of engineering design. These services include boundary, topographic, hydrographic, georeferencing, LiDAR scanning, photogrammetry, GIS inventories, platting & mapping, and 3D modeling.

We provide these services directly to the following end markets and business sectors:

  • Aviation:  Land side terminal and air side facilities, runways and taxiways.

  • Government:  Roadway, utility and facility improvement projects.

  • Industrial:  Industrial facilities for a variety of end markets such as manufacturing, distribution, aviation, aerospace, communications, media and food and beverage facilities.

  • Commercial and Leisure Facilities:  High rise buildings, hotels, sports and entertainment facilities.

  • Residential: Single and multi-family developments

  • Educational:  College and university campuses.

  • Health Care:  Private and public health care facilities.

  • Water and Wastewater:  Treatment facilities, supply, distribution and collection systems and storm water manage.

Construction Surveying

Through our CS segment, we provide site survey control, construction calculations, 3D modeling, construction layout, dimension above grade, LiDAR monitoring, conflict resolution, quality assurance/quality control and as-built surveys.

We employ the professional and technical skills of both engineers and surveyors to analyze construction documents to identify and resolve conflict areas in the preliminary stages of development.   

We provide these services directly to the following end markets and business sectors:

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities;

  • Roads & Highway;

  • Utility Distribution;

  • High Rise Buildings;

  • Sports Arenas;

  • Hotel & Gaming Facilities;

  • Meeting and Exhibition Venues;

  • Performance Venues;

  • Education Facilities;

  • Mass Transit Terminals.

Transportation Surveying and Mapping

Our TSM segment is pre-qualified with the Florida Department of Transportation for the following types of work in Group 8:

  • 8.1 Control Surveying

  • 8.2 Design, Right of Way and Construction Surveying

  • 8.4 Right of Way Mapping

We provide these services directly to the Florida Department of Transportation or as a subconsultant to engineers and contractors in the following end markets and business segments:

  • Highways, Bridges and Tunnels:  Interstate, primary and secondary urban and rural highway systems and bridge projects

  • Transit and Rail:  Light rail, heavy rail (including high-speed, commuter and freight) and multimodal transit projects.

  • Marine, Ports and Harbors:  Wharf facilities and container port facilities for private and public port operators. 

  • Aviation:  Landside terminal and airside facilities, runways and taxiways.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Through our SUE segment, we combine elements of civil engineering, land surveying and geophysics to map and verify depth, size, material and condition of subsurface utilities.  In addition, we apply the best, most efficient and effective level of quality to our clients, in all major industries in which they operate.

We provide these services directly to:

  • Utility and transportation engineers and contractors

  • Private development engineers and contractors

  • Local and federal governments

Photo by surfleader/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by surfleader/iStock / Getty Images

Document Control

Through our DC segment, we employ administrative staff capable of documenting and monitoring the flow of information between our client and the project consultants.  By bridging the gap and providing streamlined delivery of current project information, our clients will achieve lower total costs and shorter schedules.

We provide these services directly to land developers and contractors.